Our societal pandemic runs far deeper than CoVid19.

And so it escalates further. The virus is sending our societies into a tailspin. Most economies have shrunk over the past few months with some suggesting a ‘double-dip recession’ might be just around the corner. Millions have lost their livelihoods or remain isolated from loved ones. Inequality has soared. None of the pledges from the Paris Climate Accord have been met. 2020 was not just the year of the pandemic. It was also the hottest year on record. Many of us crave a return to ‘normality’. But what if this is it? …

How the virus exposes the disintegration of our societies.

Finally, there’s a vaccine. What a relief — my routine-filled everyday life can resume its normal linear predictability amidst an ever-escalating social crisis, a widening rift between rich and poor, astonishing levels of distrust in public institutions and the strangulation of our atmosphere.

I’d almost forgotten the old ‘normal’.

But how privileged of me to hail this return to one year ago, when we had no idea. Self-isolation, bubbles, lockdowns, facemasks, social distancing, working from home… New concepts. Sometimes quite pleasant ones for those with a bit of money and a family. For others…. the negation of life itself.


Why D10S was more than just a football player

Diego Armando Maradona was an icon in many ways.

Of course, he was a footballer. Possibly the greatest of all time. Immortalized through his goals, his dribbles, his left foot and the 1986 World Cup.

But Maradona was more than that.

How a return to ‘normality’ is no longer on the cards.

How many people have told you to remain positive and see 2020 as something of a turning point? That the lock-down really is a good thing. That we are the virus?

Well, how many? Numerous of my liberal friends have clutched this straw, pointing out how pollution has dropped and capitalism has finally slowed the f**k down, giving everyone some breathing space, allowing the planet to heal for a bit.

They’re right in a way. Many of us have dusted off our instincts, spent more time with our children, refrained from flying and using our cars, had some times for…

How the virus exposes the rot at the base.

CoVid19 is rapidly changing the world we grew up in. In the West, millions are starting to realize that their realities are not insulated from existential threats, a truth that people in the Global South were forced to accept long ago. It is certain that the collapse we are witnessing is monumental and very real. Millions of people have literally seen their means of living evaporate, casting their futures in serious doubt. Others — the homeless, handicapped, elderly, refugees, in other words the more vulnerable — have been abandoned to die or miraculously survive, in spite of odds. Governments have…

How the rise of racism, violence and death are an ‘acceptable’ price to pay in the Europe’s delusional fight against migration.

This article contains extracts from the author’s book DISPLACED. EUROPE AND THE GLOBAL REFUGEE CRISIS.

It has become commonplace to criticize Donald Trump and his delusional border wall. Indeed, what Trump is offering is not a solution to people’s fears about immigration, but a theatrical gesture — symbolic, sending a message of rejection, whilst hammering home the classic “us versus them” line.

Are we witnessing a revolution in American politics?

So apparently socialism is back, embodied by Bernie, endorsed by Dr. Cornel West and millions of American youngsters, who have managed to pierce through the mountains of misinformation and deceit spouted by the bizarre phenomenon which is FOX ‘news’, for whom ‘socialism’ represents all that is evil and ‘un-American,’ a veil for their real agenda: to keep America divided along class and racial lines, whilst camouflaging and protecting the extreme wealth inequalities for which the US is famous worldwide.

As a European, I struggle to take it even slightly seriously — the openly ideological bias and contempt for ordinary people…

Featuring confused elites and angry masses.

Brexit-day — bloated emptiness presented as something real. The suggestion of Brexit has replaced the actual sentiment which produced it and the alienation felt by so many Brits has been hijacked by the personified privilege of frat-boy Boris, who would sell his own mother for a few minutes in the limelight and the Daily Mail, a sorry excuse for a newspaper, which sympathized with the Nazis in the 1930s and now glorifies Brexit as if it means self-determination for a long oppressed people.

The Trump impeachment trial has become a partisan spectacle, a playground spat where the surreal wears the…

The onslaught of the Kurds is another phase in the dismantling of Syria.

As Turkish troops advance into Syria, Kurdish forces have now called on the Assad government to intervene on their behalf in a desperate attempt to protect themselves from the ethnic cleansing which awaits.

The conflict in Syria has seen alliances shift and balances turn. All regional powers had invested in the conflict, with the Saudi-American-Israeli-Turkish axis hoping to topple the Assad regime, backing all sorts of questionable jihadi groups, spawning the horrors of ISIS (amongst others) and whipping up sectarian fears in attempts to extend their influence in Syria whilst weakening Assad.

On the other side was of course Assad…

Can the protest movement threaten the Chinese ruling class?

We are witnessing some truly remarkable defiance in Hong Kong, where the authority of one of the world’s strongest superpowers is being challenged, tested and withstood. On the seventieth anniversary of China’s people’s revolution, the events in Hong Kong convey some very illuminating lessons for those of us who reap hope from defiance and for whom rebellion can be the only justified response to a world rife with inequality and barbarism. …

Bram Wanrooij

Educator, author and knowledge seeker, committed to social change. Check out my book — DISPLACED — https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43782238-displaced

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