CoVid19, capitalism and collapse of civilization.

How the virus exposes the rot at the base.

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Collapse was always on the cards

I’ve personally been expecting the breakdown of society ever since I came out of school. Psychologically, the collapse of Western civilization always loomed on the horizon — informing my politics, as it gradually blended with my growing anger about the state of the world. As a student of History, I increasingly realized to what extent my own relative wealth was a product of the role my forefathers had played in the plundering of our planet and the destruction of other cultures.

Corona and the bigger picture

When the true magnitude of the virus hit us some weeks ago, I think many of us suddenly started seeing the bigger picture — it became clear. The ingredients of collapse have always surrounded us. Did we not already know, somewhere, deep down, that the society we had built was wholly unsustainable? Did we not know in our gut that the existence of billionaires alongside poverty and starvation points at some type of systemic failure? Did we ever feel guilty about the endless consumption and entertainment; movies, gaming, television, sports, junk food, take-away, alcohol, holidays, social media, gadgets , celebrity culture , reality television ? — all of it…?!

Let’s be honest, it makes a lot of sense, this virus, originating from the depths of our severed relationship with the planet.

We have hacked and hacked away at some of the world’s most vital ecosystems, littered our oceans with plastic, ushered in the sixth extinction and heated up our atmosphere to such levels that life itself is threatened — we shouldn’t be surprised at some virus feasting on our ruins.

Vulture capitalism has left us exposed to the pandemic

Meanwhile, capitalism’s vultures have been feasting on what was left of our welfare states, selling off what they would call ‘assets’ — essential public services for the rest of us. Now that Covid19 is ravaging our fragile systems, we rely on what is left. The vultures encourage us now to applaud the nurses who care without proper PPE equipment, bled dry by years of austerity and cutbacks. At the same time, whilst we were all working two jobs and loading ourselves with debts, the vultures were shifting monumental amounts of wealth — wealth created by taxpayers — into offshore oblivion, fortifying it, shielding it from the rest of us, thus further undermining our societies’ capacity to spend money on public services. CoVid has shed some light on the obscenities of modern wealth inequality.

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